C.A.R.s Workshop: Telling Your Accomplishment Story

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, all meetings, classes, and interactive workshops are delivered virtually. Face-to-face meetings, classes, and interactive workshops will resume when PSGCNJ returns to the church.


This workshop helps job seekers develop effective C.A.R.s to be used in all communication aspects for your job search items:
  • Networking
  • Informational Interviews or Networking Meetings
  • Marketing Documents
  • Resumes
  • 90 Second Capsules
  • Interviewing and follow up
We will review how to, by learning how to communicate personal accomplishment stories.  As part of this workshop, the instructor will review (3) submitted C.A.R.s  resumes and offer guidance for creating more value-driven documents.  Topics discussed are:
  •   Skills, personal characteristics, values and needs
  •   Advantages and disadvantages of different resume types
  •   Using C.A.R. stories
  •   Understanding the C.A.R. two minute story and how to reduce to resume C.A.R.
  •   Tailoring the message for the specific delivery format and venue

Benefits to Job Seekers

Job seekers looking to create, update or improve their communication for the list above and come across as superior candidates.
  • Create an effective resume that highlights skills and talent
  • Improve existing communication of what you do and how you do it
  • Develop better resumes that utilize C.A.R.s and will interest employers
  •  Improve how people you network with and interview with to keep your information on point

What to Expect

  • Pre-requisite: Participants must complete the ACT modules for this course
  • Course Materials:  Course materials are distributed electronically after confirmation of registration
  • Pre-Work: Prior to the course start date, please submit (3) C.A.R.s as formatted below, to the Training Registrar by the time stated in the course materials provided, and also bring a printed copy to class to you can make NOTES on your C.A.R.s as they are reviewed
Example Confirmation EMAIL with Course Materials: Participants MUST prepare:
  • 3 Interview length C.A.R.s (at least 60 seconds long-no longer than 120 seconds),  this should translate into about ¾ of page for 60 seconds, no space
  • After you write the Interview C.A.R. you have to reduce it to a resume C.A.R. (about 30-40 words in length)
 C.A.R.s are:
  • Built around the skills you want the employer to see
  • Event driven (best example/story about what you did)
  • Time bound (took you a day, week, month or however long)
  • Has scope and tangibility (who affected – how many facilities, global, national or 1 location, maybe size of Co. or # of employees, make it real)
  • Story had numbers in it, quantifying and qualifying of where you were before and after, which shows improvement in your results
Example for FORMAT ONLY (below C.A.R. is not long enough) below:
    • Interview CAR Story  (Improving, Cost Savings, Developing, Problem Solving, Streamlining)
    • Challenge: Received many client complaints due to only 66 % of financial requests being processed on time and accurately by my staff
    • Action: Reviewed customer complaints, avoided external vendor services and instead led team to design, develop and implement the first of its kind client relationship management database from scratch to house and track all financial requests
    • Result: Saved company almost $1 Million in acquisition and customization costs and $millions + in user costs over the years. Database was used from 2005 -2017 by thousands of clients and was adopted by other departments. It housed over 200,000 financial requests and it resulted in 99% of requests being processed on time and accurately up from 66%
    • Resume CAR: Received many complaints of poor customer service. Avoided external vendors and developed internally a client relationship management database to track all requests. This saved millions and resulted in 99% of requests being processed on time and accurately up from 66%
Part of this assignment is to see how you follow directions which is important in the Job Search Process, as you get to interacting with companies and recruiters.
    • Materials are due electronically to Trainers by the time and date provided by the registrar
    • When you email the document, send C.A.R. attachment as Word file (doc, docx) or RTF, do not use PDF
    • They should be typed and sent to the Trainers  BEFORE Noon on the day before the class

Course Learnings

At the end of this course job seekers will:
  • Identify the three components of a CAR story
  • Understand the benefit of telling your CAR stories
  • Integrate action verbs into a CAR story for maximum effect
  • Write concise and compelling CAR stories
  • Build a master list of CAR stories

Course Length/Method of Delivery

  • Length:  3 hours
  • Delivery Method: Virtual unless otherwise specified
  • Dates are available using Professional Service Group of Central New Jersey calendar

Course Dates

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To Register 

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