Mock Interview

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, all meetings, classes, and interactive workshops are delivered virtually. Face-to-face meetings, classes, and interactive workshops will resume when PSGCNJ returns to the church.


In this one-on-one session, job seekers will be taken through the interview of a job they have selected. This is not-preparation for a specific upcoming interview the job seeker may have pending. This is generating a GAP analysis of items the job seeker needs to work on to prepare for the interview process.

What to Expect

  •   Pre-requisite: Professional Service Group of Central New Jersey member in good standing
  •   Course Materials:  Course materials are distributed electronically after confirmation of registration.

Topics Discussed

  •   How the job seeker has dressed for the interview
  •  Questions relating to job description (provided in advance by job seeker)
  •   Questions relating to resume provided (provided in advance by job seeker)
  •   On the fly evaluation of good an bad answers to mock interview questions
  •  Evaluation of some, all or more of items below:
    • Appearance
    • Attitude
    • Non-Verbal
    • Gestures
    • Posture
    • 90 Sec. Capsule
    • Speech Rate
    • Speech Volume
    • Information Elicitation
    • Response Content
    • Response Length
    • Establish Goals & Objectives
Typically, request is fielded to the training committee, person who is assigned will contact job seeker directly and agree to a mutual time for the mock interview. Mock Interview sessions are held at the Professional Service Group of Central New Jersey meeting facility or an easy-to-get-to location nearby. 


To register you must send the required materials to the instructor after job seeker is informed who will be doing the mock interview: 1.    Your current resume, (we suggest that the information & feedback from the ACT Resumes and Cover Letters workshop and possibly an Advanced Resume Review session be applied to your resume). 2.    A detailed job description for a particular job opening at a real company. This can be the text from a newspaper ad or an online job posting. We will use this information to assist us in playing the role of that potential employer.

Course Length/Method of Delivery

  • Length: 1 – 1.5 hours
  • Delivery Method: Virtual unless otherwise specified
  •  Date is made by instructor and job seeker

Course Dates

View the Professional Service Group of Central New Jersey Calendar  to identify the next scheduled session.

To Register 

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